A comedy podcast about scary stories and tangents. Join your (g)host Avalon as he and his friends sit around the proverbial campfire to share and riff on spooooky tales of spectres, phantasms, boogins and googas.
S2E15 - Snapchat From A Dead Lady, with Kyle Adams

S2E14 - The Lumpy Part of The Map, with Kevin Johnston

S2E13 - A Movie Podcast, with Michael Garcia

S2E12 - The Shoemaker Has Two Humps, with Avalon's Mom

S2E11 - Shoot Home The Deadbolt! with Emily Faye Coleman

S2E10 - Dog Caesar in a Chaise Longue, with Hunter Donaldson

S2E9 - Touch ‘Em, with Michael Garcia

S2E8 - A Miller Ties Up His Witch Wife, with Molly Smithson